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Just The Shows Vol. 2

Doesn’t this just look utterly lovely?

Just The Shows Vol. 2 looking SEXY

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Series VIII Cover

The White Hole: Series VIII Review

By Jonathan Capps. it's with a very heavy heart I solemnly bid farewell to the most consistently brilliant set of DVDs to ever be released. Still, dry your eyes and save your tissues for other purposes as, quite predictably, this DVD is quite, quite superb.

Kryten being humourous

The White Hole: The Humour of Red Dwarf

By Joshua Duroux. The Macquarie Encyclopaedic Dictionary describes humour as, "one of the four chief bodily fluids, blood, choler or yellow bile, phlegm, and melancholy or black vile, regarded as determining, by their relative proportions in the system, a person's physical and mental constitution.! Like the humours which make up our healthy body, Red Dwarf is made up of different proportions of humour.

Better Than Life paperback cover. Signifying DREAMS, innit.

Fuchal: Yeah, They're Called 'Dreams'

A common theme in sitcoms is that of dreams, aspiration and attainment. You'd be hard pushed to find a sitcom that has more examples of this theme than Red Dwarf, and this article looks at just some of these occurrences.

Rimmer, looking pain... oh, OK. Rimmer in a hat, to indicate TEH GENRES.

G&T: Red Dwarf and Genre

By Ian Symes. Choose a contemporary television series and analyse how it can be said to conform or not to a particular programme genre.

Cat looking pained.

G&T: In Defence of VIII?

By John Hoare. I think VIII is better than VII. Here's why.

Rimmer looking pained.

G&T: Why Rimmer IS Red Dwarf

By Tanya Jones. Craig Charles is, for many reasons, regarded outside the Red Dwarf fan base as being the main star of the show. However, I think it's fair to say that actual Red Dwarf fans know only too well that the person which brings true meaning to the Red Dwarf story is Arnold Judas Rimmer.

The Justice station

Garbage World: Justice

Crime is a prevalent theme in much fiction - and it's certainly is no stranger to science fiction. One of the more famous examples of crime SF is Philip K. Dick's 1956 story "The Minority Report," which Steven Spielberg recently made into a Major Motion Picture that Completely Missed the Point.

Kryten from the opening credits of the Japenese Red Dwarf

Fuchal: Turning Japanese - Series VI

The Japanese DVDs of Red Dwarf - of which all eight series have already been released - represent perhaps the most drastically-altered versions of the series out there.

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